Photo by Nicole McConville (

I have always been a creator.

Nature is a major source of inspiration for me. I love painting on location, and enjoy the challenge of capturing the light and the colors of what I see. I take a lot of photos for reference and for ideas when I am back in my studio working on larger paintings. I love painting large -- playing with marks and textures of the oil paint. In these large works, the paint itself is the subject, along with the idea I am expressing.

I received my BFA from Syracuse and studied in Rome Italy with Tyler School of Art. Over the many years I have been painting, I have I learned to work with different mediums – Oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel… I believe it’s good to change mediums as it keeps one fresh – each medium brings unique challenges and inspirations. I look at my work as a practice in that each painting leads to the next.

For me, the act of painting serves as prayer.

I love to take in the beauty of a place or an arrangement of flowers and then reflect deeply on it using paint.  Painting allows me to share these moments and ideas with you, the viewer. Maybe you know and understand what I am expressing… or maybe it’s the first time you are experiencing the subject this way, through my eyes and heart and hand.

I truly hope that my work touches you and lifts your spirit. Enjoy!